Foto (c) Dirk Eisel, 2010

peer to space is a mindset which combines the concept of peer-to-peer networking with the ideas of space, freedom and openness to artistic expression. peer to space is not an actual place but occupies other spaces to realize exhibitions and further projects related to art dealing with the world we live in now.


peer to space's team

Tina Sauerländer, Director

Carlotta Meyer is a project manager and curator for peer to space. Studying art and image history as well as cultural studies at HU Berlin, she focuses on photography and the concept of collecting, including its motivations and ways of presentation. Her comprehensive project (since 2014) deals generally with the history of collecting and more specifically with tangible collections such as cabinets of wonders, Aby Warburg’s Mnemosyne Atlas or private fetish and trivia. Further, she is the founder and editor of the zine Darkheaven, an anthology of diverse contributions on specific topics. The first issue on “secrets” will be released in June 2017.

Peggy Schoenegge is a project manager and curator for peer to space. Additionally she assists janinebeangallery with projects and co-curated the gallery’s show URBANFUSE (2013). She completed her bachelor degree in art and image history in addition to social science at HU Berlin and is now working on her master degree in art history at TU Berlin. She focuses on art from the 1950s onwards, in particular performance and new media art in the context of gender. Her bachelor thesis is about Valie Export’s performance Kausalgie and the staging self.



peer to space's history

2010 – 2014

peer to space was founded by Maja Block and Tina Sauerländer in Munich, Germany in 2010. With interdisciplinary exhibitions, workshops and other projects, peer to space presents new forms of expressions and approaches in young contemporary art. peer to space serves as a platform for artistic exchange of knowledge and experience focusing on digital and Internet art, performances and photography. From 2010 to 2012 Maja Block and Tina Sauerländer realized the projects MultiplexSCHHPLTTLR electric beatsDREI / 3 / IIIIdentity Reset? and Non-Stop Infinity. From 2012 on Maja Block runs peer to space in Munich and Tina Sauerländer in Berlin, where she has organized and curated the shows Entering Space and VISUAL NOISE.

July 2014 – now

Tina Sauerländer runs peer to space on her own. The initial focus on Digital and Internet art, performances and photography has been broadened. peer to space explores current threads within different areas of international contemporary art. Subject based group exhibitions link content- or media-based relations of diverse artistic approaches. They merge attitudes, conceptions and ideas. peer to space provides relevant indications and references for contemporary mindsets and thoughts not only artistically, but also on a societal level.