Radiance VR - The new online platform for VR Art

Radiance is an online research platform and database for artistic VR experiences founded by Philip Hausmeier (Metaphysiscs VR) and Tina Sauerlaender (peer to space). Its mission is to present visual artists from all over the world working in the medium of Virtual Reality. Radiance wants to create visibility and accessibility for VR art and for a faster adoption of virtual technologies in general. Outside of huge VR industries like gaming, artistic VR experiences will become more visible and impact society through museum shows and eventually through everyone’s living rooms.

Artists: A / A, Mert Akbal, Li Alin, Salome Asega & Reese Donohue & Tongkwai Lulin, Banz & Bowinkel, Jörg Brinkmann, Leo Castaneda, Magali Daniaux & Cédric Pigot, Claudia Hart, Claire Hentschker, Martha Hipley, Rindon Johnson, Marc Lee, Serena Lee, Olivia Mc Gilchrist, Martina Menegon, Mélodie Mousset & Naëm Baron, Zeesy Powers, Tabita Rezaire, Dennis Rudolph, Jakob Kudsk Steensen, Miyö Van Stenis, The Swan Collective, Tamiko Thiel, Fiona Valentine Thomann, Theo Triantafyllidis… more soon.

Slideshow: artistic VR experiences by Martina Menegon, plug your noise and try to hum, 2017 // Li Alin, Enter Me Tonight, 2016 // Jakob Kudsk Steensen, Dome of Gated Ecologies, 2017 // Tabita Rezaire, Premium Connect (Real Deal), 2017 // Rindon Johnson, My Daughter Aaliyah, 2016 // The Swan Collective, NowForeVR, 2017

UNCANNY CONDITIONS - A Virtual Reality Exhibition

Artists: Salome Asega & Reese Donohue & Tongkwai Lulin (US), Geoffrey Lillemon (FR), Martina Menegon (IT/AT), Jakob Kudsk Steensen (DK/US)

Curated by: Tina Sauerländer and Peggy Schoenegge

Exhibition at whiteBOX, Atelierstraße 1, 81671 Munich, Germany // For FNY Festival, Werksviertel, Munich, Germany // Opening: September 1 // Duration: September 1–10, 2017

The VR exhibition UNCANNY CONDITIONS delves into the challenges of human living in the digital age reflected in four artistic virtual reality experiences. Uncanny means strange or mysterious and refers to something beyond the ordinary or normal. The term Uncanny Valley refers to robots or avatars designed as humanoids. They appear almost, but never exactly, human and evoke an uncanny irritation for the viewer, a lack of authenticity. In this sense, uncanniness could also refer to digitally created imagery almost indistinguishable from reality. All these meanings occur in the virtual reality exhibition UNCANNY CONDITIONS.


Opening & Artist Talk: September 8, 2017, 6 pm (Artist Talk at 5 pm)

At: PRISKA PASQUER, Albertusstr. 18, 50667 Cologne, Germany

Artists: Gazira Babeli (IT), Friedemann Banz & Giulia Bowinkel (DE), Dominik Halmer (DE), Carla Mercedes Hihn (ROU/DE), Claudia Larcher (AUT), Patrick Lichty (US/UAE), Judith Sönnicken (DE), The Swan Collective (DE), Tamiko Thiel (JP/DE), Fiona Valentine Thomann (FR/DE) & Alfredo Salazar-Caro’s (MEX/US) and William Robertson’s (US) Digital Museum of Digital Art with the exhibition Morphé Presence curated by Helena Acosta (US) and Eileen Isagon Skyers (PH/US), with works by Rosa Menkman (NL/DE), Brenna Murphy (US), Theo Triantafyllidis (GR/US), Miyö Van Stenis (VEN/FR)

Curated by Tina Sauerländer (peer to space)

Gazira Babeli, Nudes Descending a Staircase - Monument to Marcel Duchamp, scripted environment, March 2007, © the artist, courtesy of the artist and PRISKA PASQUER, Cologne

Gazira Babeli, Nudes Descending a Staircase - Monument to Marcel Duchamp, scripted environment, March 2007, © the artist, courtesy of the artist and PRISKA PASQUER, Cologne

The exhibition RESET III and VIRTUAL REALITY illuminates the artistic exploration of virtual spaces against the background of the digital age. How do artists create virtual spaces? How do they compare to real environments? How does VR affect the body and perception? The RESET exhibition series initiated by | PRISKA PASQUER | deals with the development of art in the digital age in different artistic media. It examines how artists react to the challenges and possibilities of digital transformation.

More information here.

Critical Conversation on Virtual Reality in Canada

Critical Approaches to Virtual Reality: A Conversation about the Present, Past and Future of VR

Presenters: Tina Sauerländer, Erandy Vergara, Paloma Dawkins, Tali Goldstein and Ruben Farrus (Casa Rara)

May 24th, 5pm to 7pm

Milieux Institute at Concordia University

Recent art projects and discussions about VR seem mostly awestruck by the possibilities of the technologies themselves. However, there are critical and historical perspectives that we must address in order to investigate issues of aesthetics, politics, and the conceptual aspects of VR artworks and games. This conversation will include questions such as: How can artists and collectives working with Virtual Reality today challenge mainstream uses of this technology? What can we learn from the pioneers of VR and the criticism that media theorists asked regarding early celebratory discourses? Where are we in regards to issues of embodiment/disembodiment? What about feminist and postcolonial critiques of VR?

Studio XX sincerely thanks the Goethe-Institut and the Milieux Institute for Arts, Culture and Technology at Concordia University for their support as partners of this event.

Image: Exhibition view THE UNFRAMED WORLD at HeK Basel, artwork: Banz & Bowinkel, Mercury, 2016 (Installation view, VR experience) / Photo by Franz Wamhof


Lecture by peer to space's director Tina Sauerländer
Since the launch of HTC ViveOculus Rift or Google Cardboard, Virtual Reality (VR) is widely used in artistic practice. Not only artists working with the digital deal with the new medium, also many artists from other fields e.g. performance of sculpting discover VR as a medium to extend and enhance their artistic ideas. The lecture will include current developments in artistic VR experiences and the history of VR art.
May 9th, 2017, 12.30 pm, Event page
re:publica, Berlin

Lecture by Tina Sauerländer on YouTube

Image: re:publica


peer to space at YAMI-ICHI at HeK Basel

At the internet black market (flea market) YAMI-ICHI peer to space presents manufactured goods
by the Berlin-based artists:
Li Alin, Katharina Arndt, Alma Alloro, Jonas Blume, Ornella Fieres and Tanja Selzer
April 22nd, 2017, 2 - 4.30 pm
HeK - House of Electronic Arts Basel
, Switzerland
Event on Facebook
Event website
Image: HeK Basel

Online exhibition MERMAIDS & UNICORNS

Curated by: Carlotta Meyer, Benoit Palop and Tina Sauerländer

Exhibition design by: Emilie Gervais

Artists: Anthony Antonellis, Katharina Arndt, Kim Asendorf, LaTurbo Avedon, Domenico Barra, Aram Bartholl, Alexandra Baumgartner, Aviv Benn, Jonas Blume, John Breed, Gaby Cepeda, Gregory Chatonsky, Monica Cook, Shyra De Souza, Paula Doepfner, Grigori Dor, Mark Dorf, Rose Eken, Ornella Fieres, Katherine Frazer, Bea Fremderman, Carla Gannis, Emilie Gervais, Hobbes Ginsberg, Andreas Greiner & Armin Keplinger, Karolina Halatek, Claudia Hart, Gregor Hildebrandt, Faith Holland, Hideyuki Ishibashi, Everett Kane, Erica Lapadat-Janzen, Geoffrey Lillemon, Gretta Louw, LoVid & Douglas Repetto, Alexandre Madureira, Claudia Maté, Michal Martychowiec, Rosa Menkman, Eva Papamargariti, Sabrina Ratté, Kent Rogowski, Manuel Roßner, Cecilia Salama, Alfredo Salazar-Caro, Nicolas Sassoon, Ann Schomburg, Robert Seidel, Berndnaut Smilde, Charlie Stein, Mathieu St.Pierre, Katie Torn and Miriam Vlaming


TALK: Virtual Reality in Art

With Philip Hausmeier, Tina Sauerländer, Sven Slazenger, and Dr. Ursula Ströbele

Virtual Reality technologies are almost omnipresent, but what does this mean for art? Are those technologies capable of expanding our visions of art and design? Can Virtual Reality bring together the digital and physically-spatial experiences? 

April 12th, 2017, 7 pm
Eigen + Art Lab, Berlin
Event on Facebook
Image: Eigen and Art Lab


Tina Sauerlaender with works by Carla Gannis.JPG

peer to space's director Tina Sauerländer in conversation with Anja Groeschel, founder of ART LOVERS CLUB

March 22, 2017, 7 pm at Hearthouse, Munich (Lenbachplatz 2), Tickets via assistent@alc.club

Image: Tina Sauerländer, works by Carla Gannis, photo by Melina Volkmann, 2015



Exhibition on Virtual Reality at HeK Basel

The Unframed World
Virtual Reality as artistic medium for the 21st century

Alfredo Salazar-Caro, Portrait of Elizabeth Mputu, 3D scanned data, custom software, 2016

Alfredo Salazar-Caro, Portrait of Elizabeth Mputu, 3D scanned data, custom software, 2016

Artists: Li Alin (CAN/DE), Banz & Bowinkel (DE), Fragment.In (CH), Martha Hipley (US), Rindon Johnson (US), Marc Lee (CH), Mélodie Mousset & Naëm Baron (FR/CH), Rachel Rossin (US), Alfredo Salazar-Caro (US)

Curated by: Tina Sauerländer (peer to space)

Opening: 18.01.2017 at 6 pm with an artist talk and a performance by Li Alin

Rindon Johnson, “Photographed Still from Meet in the Corner (Publishing House, 2016)” 

Rindon Johnson, “Photographed Still from Meet in the Corner (Publishing House, 2016)” 

Duration: 19.01.2017 - 05.03.2017

At: HeK - House of Electronic Arts Basel, Freilager-Platz 9, 4142 Münchenstein/Basel, Switzerland

(c) Li Alin

(c) Li Alin

With the market launch of technologies suitable for the masses, Virtual Reality experiences a first time large-scale popularity as artistic medium. By means of a headset, the viewer enters a three-dimensional world devoid of the limiting edges of a screen, projection sheet or room. The Unframed World is the first extensive presentation of artistic exploration of the VR medium at the HeK (House of Electronic Arts Basel). The international group exhibit shows works, which bind the virtual environment together with the physical exhibition space.

More Information here.

PECHA KUCHA ART NIGHT: Art in the Age of Earthquakes ?!

For the 3rd time, peer to space and Performing Encounters organize the PECHA KUCHA ART NIGHT that will take place at Martin-Gropius-Bau in Berlin on November 6, 2016, at 4 pm.  


Die Euphorie über die Möglichkeiten des Internet und der Share Economy hat sich in eine allgemeine Skepsis verwandelt. Haben Erschütterungen wie die Enthüllungen Edward Snowdens auch der Aufbruchstimmung in der Kunstwelt zugesetzt? Oder haben deren Akteure das Potential des Internets noch gar nicht erkannt? Wie gehen sie mit der analog-digitalen Hybridität um? Wie kreieren und kommunizieren sie Kunst im virtuellen Zeitalter? Was sind Chancen und Risiken für Künstler, Galeristen oder Museen? Welche Bilder sind heute wichtig und wie funktionieren sie? Was bedeutet der digitale Wandel für die Kunst – und im Besonderen für das Bild?


Katharina Lee Chichester, kuratorische Assistentin, +ultra. gestaltung schafft wissen
A.R. practice / Agnieszka Roguski und Ann Richter, Ausstellungskollektiv
Michael Haas, Sonice Development
Thomas Heidtmann, Künstler und Kurator, Lacuna Lab
Paul Wiersbinski, Künstler
Anja Henckel, Kuratorin, Import Projects
Carina Lueschen, Künstlerin

Ute Marxreiter, Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin für Bildung und Vermittlung im Ethnologischen Museum und Museum für Asiatische Kunst
Sophia Gräfe, Medien- und Kulturwissenschaftlerin
Aram Bartholl, Künstler
Oliver Zauzig, Hermann von Helmholtz-Zentrum für Kulturtechnik, Koordinierungsstelle für Universitätssammlungen in Deutschland
Philip Hausmeier, VR-Künstler
Sarah Hermanutz, Künstlerin und Entwicklerin

Artist as Curators. Panel Discussion at Finnish Institute in Berlin

Panel discussion on curating at Finnland-Institut in Deutschland with the artists and curators of Black Market Berlin, Marcus Eek and Olli Piippo, and Anja Lückenkemper, artistic director of Kunstverein Göttingen and peer to space's curator Tina Sauerländer, moderated by the head of the Finnish Insitute, Dr. Laura Hirvi! 
Photo by Carlotta Meyer

More on Facebook or the website of the Finnland Institut.


Mark Dorf_Emergent_#7, 2014.jpg

peer to space's next group show:


Artists: Mark Dorf (US), Alexandra Gorczynski (US), Joe Hamilton (AUS), Han Bing (CHN), Michelle Jezierski (DE), Daecheon Lee (KOR/DE)
Curated by: Tina Sauerländer
Location: Philine Cremer Gallery, Ackerstr. 23, 40233 Düsseldorf
Opening & Artist Talk: September 2, 2016, 6 p.m.
With Mark Dorf, Michelle Jezierski, Daecheon Lee and curator Tina Sauerländer
Duration: September 2 until October 21, 2016

More information

Image: Mark Dorf, Emergent #7, Archival Pigment Print, 76,2 x 60,96 cm, from the series Emergence, 2014


They Shoot Horses, Don't They?

peer to space's director Tina Sauerländer speaks about her curatorial approach and introduces the European Premieres of the Video Documentations of the Hello Selfie Performances by Los Angeles-based artist Kate Durbin, Hello Selfie NYC (2015), Hello Selfie Men (2016) and Hello Selfie Miami (2016).


peer to space's new online exhibition
On: www.newhive.com/peertospace/ourcitiessurrounded
Curators: Carlotta Meyer and Tina Sauerländer

The online exhibition OUR CITIES SURROUNDED reveals residential areas around the globe—from America to Asia, Europe to Africa or the Middle East. 42 artists from 21 countries photographed in 19 states both home and abroad to give an insight into global human living conditions and their specific local history. OUR CITIES SURROUNDED follows peer to space's IRL group exhibition Sometimes You See Your City Differently. This online exhibition now extends the original concept in terms of diversity and scale, facilitating the inclusion of many more artists as well as infinite access thanks to the Internet.

Participating Artists: Taysir Batniji, Bogdan Andrei Boreianu, Malte Brandenburg, Hannah Darabi, Marlon de Azambuja, Donato del Giudice, Lorena Endara, Gerrit Engel, Katharina Fitz, Faten Gaddes, Jennifer Garza-Cuen, Florian Generotzky, Otto Hainzl, Robert Harding Pittman, Matthias Hoch, Jordi Huisman, Rohan Hutchinson, Nicu Ilfoveanu, Gerry Johansson, Urte Kaunas, Yasutaka Kojima, Dillon Marsh, Bernhard Moosbauer, Huma Mulji, Mame-Diarra Niang, Hirohito Nomoto, Hildegard Ochse, Yu Ogata & Ichiro Ogata Ono, Mikula Platz, Gabriele Rossi, Katharina Roters, Jörg Rubbert, Eli Singalovski, Silvia Sinha, Rainer Sioda, Jan Vranovsky, Sinta Werner, Michael Wolf, Yoshie Atsushi, Kyler Zeleny, Harf Zimmermann

ART21XX - new blog keeps you updated on art books

peer to space's Tina Sauerländer has a new blog: ART21XX. She writes about relevant subjects on contemporary art such as computer games and art, new positions in drawing or different topics in new media art and presents recently published art books. In German only. 

Screenshot of www.buch-findr.de (July 26, 2016) www.buch-findr.de // BuchFindR on Facebook

Screenshot of www.buch-findr.de (July 26, 2016)

www.buch-findr.de // BuchFindR on Facebook


For the second time, Yvonne Reiners (Performing Encounters) and Tina Sauerländer (peer to space) organize:


July 12, 2016, 7:30 pm at Haus am Lützowplatz, Lützowplatz 9, Berlin

There is so much ART. But why is ART so important for our society? Can ART take over social responsibility? How will ART develop in the (near) future? Fantastic speakers from different fields of Berlin’s art scene will take over the mic and talk about their sustainable values in ART and about their perspectives for the future.

Speakers: Anna Bromley, Künstlerin und Kuratorin // Lisa Glauer, Künstlerin und Kuratorin // Dr. Laura Hirvi, Leiterin Finnland Institut // Kristian Jarmuschek, Galerie Jarmuschek & Partner, Gründer POSITIONS BERLIN // Johann König, Galerist, König Galerie // Ornella Fieres, Künstlerin // Dr. Eva Meyer-Hermann, freie Ausstellungsmacherin, cakesmeyer // Dr. An Paenhuysen, Bloggerin, Kunstkritikerin und Kuratorin // Ece Pazarbaşı, Kuratorin und Ärtzin bei der Berlin Art Grant Clinic //  Anne Schwanz, Direktorin, Eigen und Art Lab // Melina Volkmann, Co-Founder www.stusu.com // Lena Winter, Auktionshaus Villa Grisebach

More information on: HaL Berlin's Website

CAT HEROICUS SUBLIMIS - peer to space's new online show

The online exhibition Cat Heroicus Sublimis curated by Tina Sauerländer and Peggy Schoenegge explores the artistic use abstract visual language in the Digital Age.

Available at: www.newhive.com/peertospace/catheroicussublimis  

Participating artists: Helena Acosta, Alma Alloro, Maggy Almao, Anthony Antonellis, Kim Asendorf, LaTurbo Avedon, Domenico Barra, Uğur Engin Deniz, Mark Dorf, César Escudero Andaluz, Dor Even-Chen, Ole Fach, Ornella Fieres, Katherine Frazer, Carla Gannis, Sara Goodman, Claudia Hart, Philip Hausmeier, Paul Hertz, Faith Holland, Mark Klink, Erica Lapadat-Janzen, Gretta Louw, LoVid, Vince Mckelvie, Rosa Menkman, Lorna Mills, Brenna Murphy, Zach Nader, Od Niwr, Eva Papamargariti, Will Pappenheimer, Michael Pelletier, Niko Princen, Casey Reas, Antonio Roberts, Rachel Rossin, Cecilia Salama, Nicolas Sassoon, Robert Seidel, Yoshi Sodeoka, Anne Spalter, Mathieu St-Pierre, Phillip Stearns, Daniel Temkin, Giselle Zatonyl, Erik Zepka, Damon Zucconi

Image: Will Pappenheimer, Bufo Virtanus Heroicus Sublimis