by peer to space and Performing Encounters

Since 2015, Tina Sauerlaender (peer to space) and Yvonne Zindel (Performing Encounters) present, organize and moderate the PECHA KUCHA ART NIGHTS event series in Berlin. For each event they invite 10-12 speakers representing different fields and networks of Berlin’s art scene to introduce their work in Pecha Kucha talks in German or English. The events highlight the diversity and relevance of the Berlin art scenes.

Each Pecha Kucha speech lasts 6 minutes and 40 seconds. Each speaker shows exactly 20 pictures, which change automatically every 20 seconds. The speakers have to focus on the shown slide in their speech. The lecture technique Pecha Kucha was used for the first time in 2003 in Tokyo by 2 architects as part of a design event. In the meantime, it has found its way into advertising, business and universities. Official Pecha Kucha Nights are held in about 1000 cities worldwide. In one evening many different topics will be dealt with there, in our case tonight it is only about art. Short and entertaining lectures are the result, which present informative contents without excesses, anecdotal and not too serious.

Interview with Yvonne Reiners and Tina Sauerlaender on

Previous Pecha Kucha Art Nights: "What's hot?!" (2015), "Art, Anyone?!" (2016) and "Networks" (2018) in the house on Lützowplatz, as well as "Art in the Age of Earthquakes?!" (2016) in the Martin-Gropius-Bau as part of the exhibition "+ultra. gestaltung schafft wissen" of the Cluster of Excellence "Bild Wissen Gestaltung", interdisciplinary laboratory of the Humboldt-University Berlin.

For the video documentations please inquire the speakers or contact peer to space.

Pecha Kucha Art Night 1: What's hot?!

October 15, 2015 at 7:30 pm at Haus am Lützowplatz, Berlin

The lectures of the first Pecha Kucha Art Night organized by peer to space Performing Encounters deal with the topic "What's hot?!  - A kind of inventory is needed: What's going on right now? What is important in art? What is the state of the art? What is MIR important in art? What should we talk about? An optimistic evening on the current status quo in art!

List of speakers (in order of appearance):

Annika von Taube, Art Historian and Freelance Consultant Digital Media

Uta Grosenick, Publisher, DISTANZ

Gudrun Wurlitzer, Architect, Collector and Founder of artitious

Marcus Johst, Founder of

Angela Lammert, Private Lecturer, Academy of the Arts, Berlin

Volker Diehl, Gallery Owner, DIEHL and Diehl Cube

Nina Haab, Artist, Fellow of the Residency ABA AiR Berlin

Kirstin zu Hohenlohe, SOS Edition, SOS Kinderdorf

Stephan Köhler, Curator and Artist, Frontviews

Jan Kage, RadioArty, SCHAU Fenster

Thea Dymke, Marketing & Communication, BVDG - Federal Association of German Galleries 

Photo documentation of the 1st PECHA KUCHA ART NIGHT

Pecha Kucha Art Night 2: Art, Anyone?!

12 July 12, 2016 at 7:30 pm at Haus am Lützowplatz, Berlin

With "Art, Anyone?" we didn't give the speakers a theme, but a thought stimulation, because there is so much art, but why is art important for our society? And where does it assume social responsibility? What are sustainable values in art that should help shape the future?

List of speakers (in order of appearance):

Ece Pazarbaşı, Curator and Doctor of the Berlin Art Grant Clinic

Anna Bromley, Artist and Curator

Dr. Laura Hirvi, Director of Finland Institute

Lisa Glauer, Artist and Curator

Melina Volkmann, Co-Founder

Anne Schwanz, Director, Eigen and Art Lab

Dr. Eva Meyer-Hermann, Freelance Exhibition Organizer, cakesmeyer

Ornella Fieres, Artist

Johann König, Gallery owner, König Gallery

Lena Winter, Auction House Villa Grisebach

Dr. An Paenhuysen, Blogger, Art Critic and Curator

Kristian Jarmuschek, Gallery Jarmuschek & Partner, Founder POSITIONS BERLIN

Photo documentation of the 2nd PECHA KUCHA ART NIGHT


Pecha Kucha Art Night 3: Art in the Age of Earthquakes?!

November 6, 2016 at 4 pm at Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin

The euphoria about the possibilities of the Internet and the Share Economy is turning into a general skepticism. Have shocks like Edward Snowden's revelations also added to the spirit of optimism in the art world? Or have their protagonists not yet recognized the potential of the Internet? How do they deal with analog-digital hybridity? How do they create and communicate art in the virtual age? What are opportunities and risks for artists, gallery owners or museums? Which images are important today and how do they function? What does digital change mean for art - and especially for the image?

Part of the exhibition "+ultra. gestaltung schafft wissen" of the Cluster of Excellence "Bild Wissen Gestaltung. An Interdisciplinary Laboratory" at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin 

List of speakers (in order of appearance):

Katharina Lee Chichester, Curatorial Assistant, +ultra. gestaltung schafft wissen

A.R. practice / Agnieszka Roguski and Ann Richter, Exhibition Collective

Michael Haas, Sonice Development

Thomas Heidtmann, Artist and Curator, Lacuna Lab

Paul Wiersbinski, Artist

Anja Henckel, Curator, Import Projects

Carina Lueschen, Artist

Ute Marxreiter, Research Assistant for Education and Mediation at the Ethnological Museum and Museum for Asian Art

Sophia Gräfe, Scholar, Media and Cultural Studies

Aram Bartholl, Artist

Oliver Zauzig, Coordination, Hermann von Helmholtz-Zentrum für Kulturtechnik, Office for University Collections in Germany

Philip Hausmeier, VR Artist

Sarah Hermanutz, Artist and Developer

Photo documentation of the 3rd PECHA KUCHA ART NIGHT

Pecha Kucha Art Night 4: Networks

January 31, 2018, 7:30 pm at Haus am Lützowplatz, Berlin

Networks are omnipresent in the art world. They manifest themselves in the form of cooperations, associations, federations or interactive, participative social sculptures, salons and their equivalents in the virtual world. But what do networks actually mean for curators, artists, art historians and other actors in the art scene? In short lectures in Pecha Kucha format, the speakers from the (Berlin) art scene shed light on the significance of the network as a platform for exchange, mutual strengthening, and not least as a (productive) metaphor for human cooperation.

List of speakers (in order of appearance):

Sabeth Buchmann, Professor of Art History at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna

Anna-Lena Werner, Author, Artfridge

Hannah Kruse, Art Historian, Goldrausch artist project

Philip Horst, Director of the ZKU, Berlin

Cornelia Renz, Artist, Speaker of the bbk berlin

Chris Benedict and colleagues, Board Member, Netzwerk freier Berliner Projekträume und –initiativen e.V.

Teena Lange, Curator, Director of APAB e.V. - Association for Performance Art in Berlin

Annika von Taube, Media Strategist and Curator, NUN Die Kunst der Stunde et al.

Yulia Belousova, Curator, Ephemeral Dinner

Nora Al-Badri, Artist

Tina Sauerlaender, Curator, Founder SALOON

Photo documentation of the 4th PECHA KUCHA ART NIGHT

Technobodies: Pecha Kucha Art Night 5: Postdigital

May 23, 2019, 7:00 pm at Grüner Salon, Volksbühne

In the digital age, the digital is no longer simply digital. Digital aesthetics have long since extended into real space and new technologies such as virtual reality or augmented reality are producing new art and exhibition formats. Museums use digital tools for mediation. Art is exhibited and dealt on websites or on social media platforms such as Instagram. Art and life are increasingly intertwined beyond physical locations such as museums or white cubes. But does this also increase the visibility, accessibility, and democratization of artworks? The speakers report on exhibition and mediation formats, as well as the commercial potential in the post-digital age.

List of speakers (in order of appearance):

Daniel Neugebauer, Head of Communication and Education Department, HKW

Peggy Schoenegge, Board Member, medienkunstverein

Tilman Baumgärtel, Professor for Media Science at Hochschule Mainz, author, journalist

Antje Akkermann, Curator for Media, Ethnologisches Museum and Museum für Asiatische Kunst at the Humboldt Forum

Manuel Rossner, VR Artist and Founder of FLOAT Gallery

Philip Hausmeier, Co-founder of RadianceVR

Janne Nora Kummer, Director, performer and multimedia artist, virtuellestheater

Wolf Lieser, Gallerist, DAM

Sakrowski, Curator of Panke Gallery and Member of 21cc

Anika Meier, Art Historian, Curator, Journalist

Nina Roehrs, Gallerist, Roehrs & Boetsch, Zurich

Alma Alloro, Artist

The series Technobodies addresses scenarios for the exchange and genesis of ideas at the interface of art and science, in the intimate yet public setting of the Grüner Salon. As part of four consecutive formats—(dis)abled Politcs of Data; Pecha Kucha Night: Immaterial Art, Performersion, and Death by Game Play (Tod und Spiele)—the interplay between data and our bodies will be explored. In doing so, the imaginary contradiction between analog and digital is reflected upon critically, and the informal exchange from the digital hub will be brought back to the analog salon—and vice versa.
Funded by Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa

Photo documentation of the 5th PECHA KUCHA ART NIGHT

Introduction by Tina Sauerlaender and Yvonne Zindel (Video, German)