peer to space’s director Tina Sauerlaender at VRHAM 2019

June 9, 2019, at 6 pm at Stockmeyerstrasse 43, Hamburg HafenCity, Oberhafenquartier, Germany

peer to space’s director Tina Sauerlaender moderates a panel with Gabrielle Roque (Director COCOTTE-MINUTE, winner of the international Residency VRHAM! 2019), Ulrich Schrauth (Artistic Director VRHAM! Virtual Reality & Arts Festival) and Julie Walsh (freelance curator for VR & AR, founder of Walsh Projects) on exhibiting VR Art in a physical space.


VRHAM! is an international Festival for Virtual Reality Art. Established in 2018, the festival opens its doors for the second time, from 7 to 15 June 2019, in Hamburg’s Oberhafenquartier. Under this year’s motto “DIS:SOLUTION” they present a large selection of Virtual Reality experiences and live performances by contemporary artists. 

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peer to space at VRHAM!

peer to space’s director Tina Sauerlaender and curator Peggy Schoenegge are part of this year’s VRHAM! Festival in Hamburg, Germany. Tina is part of the jury as well as moderating the panel on VR and art VR here to talk! on Saturday, June 9th at 5 pm. Peggy will open the discourse program with a keynote What the f*** is VR on Thursday, June 7th 2018.

VRHAM! – Virtual Reality and Art Festival Hamburg 2018

June 7th to June 17th 2018

VRHAM! is Germany’s first artistic Virtual Reality festival. VRHAM! is presenting a large variety of outstanding international VR experiences in Hamburg’s Oberhafenquartier, unique in its form and sure to transcend the borders of traditional perception and experience of art.

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